The Thunderbird is the latest addition to the legendary HOHNER Marine Band
range and features the innovative laminated bamboo comb (patented) used in
the Marine Band Crossover. It is tuned one octave deeper than standard
harmonica tuning to produce the meanest, fattest low-pitched sound around!

Named for the powerful rumbling and musical qualities of its sound, the
Thunderbird is also named in tribute to Little Walter Jacobs, whose
instrumental ‚Thunderbird‘ was one of many examples where he redefined the
very landscape of the harmonica, and the possibilities of innovation on the

The Thunderbird is also an homage to a modern day master of deep soul and
innovation, Kim Wilson, whose work leading The Fabulous Thunderbirds
redefined how blues, rock and soul can be melded together, and whose work
with many blues masters, including Muddy Waters, puts him firmly in the
pantheon of blues harmonica legends.